Founded by attorney Adam Michael Sacks, The Tomi Group is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) provider of legal services and legal counseling to all low income and otherwise disadvantaged persons throughout a variety of categories.  These services are offered at little or no cost to qualified individuals who might otherwise have approached the legal system without a lawyer due to being unable to afford one.  The organization has experienced lawyers who provide proper resources in the following areas…

Tenant advocacy – helping tenants avoid unfair eviction, fight wrongful landlords, avoid homelessness.
Family law – helping those facing divorce, child custody issues, need for child support, spousal support, those facing domestic violence issues, etc.
Criminal defense – helping those with complex criminal defense matters defend themselves properly.
Other areas of law related to financial assistance, housing assistance needs and services.

Board of Directors

Adam Michael Sacks, Founder & President 

Liat Lang, Behaviorist - Masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis

Phyllis Weisberg, PhD - Special Education Expert 

Adam Michael Sacks is a seasoned defense attorney who is experienced in fighting for tenant advocacy, family law, criminal defense, and many other areas within the legal field. Adam and his team offer over 28 years of experience. Their approach is specialized to each and every client's needs and legal situation. Read more....

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President & Founder, Adam Michael Sacks 

Liat Lang, Masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis


Phyllis Weisberg, PhD, Special Education Expert  


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