The justice system is premised on the notion that rich and poor are treated equally. However, access to the justice system is based on how much a person can afford.  People who are poor are systemically treated worse than the wealthy.  People without financial means or with language barriers often remain in jail prior to trial because they can’t afford bail or do not understand their rights, resulting in a higher conviction rate. Persons who can’t afford to pay off court debt have their licenses suspended, sending them into an inescapable cycle of unemployment and hardship. These counterproductive policies result in an endless cycle of poverty. 

At the Tomi Group our goal is to bring about the change our justice system needs and to stop the seemingly endless cycle of burdens placed on people struggling to protect their rights. We represent those who are underrepresented. We are not afraid to tackle problems that have gone unaddressed.


Criminal Legal Services Tomi Group Focuses on include the following:


  • Criminal Defense 

  • DUI/DWI Charges

  • Expungements

  • Restraining Orders