In recent times the number of children with developmental disabilities has rapidly increased. Some statistics show that as many as 1 in 50 children will be found to be diagnosable as autistic during pre-adolescence. School systems worldwide have continuously struggled to develop proper programs for these children. The troubling question is, beyond childhood, what will happen to these children when they grow up and "age out" of programs provided for them? 


It is typically the case by Federal law, that when a special needs person turns of a certain age, their programs cease and they are generally able to request disability insurance. These you adults have greater and unique skills, which go unused. They are often healthy and live normal live spans.

The need to provide support, assistance and growth for these individuals is apparent and critical. The Tommy Group works effortlessly and has a plan in place to solve this problem through a work-study program that allows them to earn an income and put current skills to good use as well as development and further a special needs individual's personal growth. 

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