TOMI - The Resources For Hope Center


TOMI - The Resources For Hope Center is a non-profit organization. TOMI was established in order to provide the parents and families of developmentally delayed children with the hope and resources that they need.


TOMI is operating in two separate aspects: an information center that is open to the public and a treatment center that is providing behavioral modification (ABA) treatment which is customized for every individual child. Autism and PDD have a tremendous and devastating effect on the child and his or her family. Receiving the diagnosis may be in many cases a point of breakdown and distress. 


We believe that Autism is not a death sentence, not even a life sentence!

With correct early intervention, every child can progress!


Autism is a severe disruption of the normal developmental processes that usually occurs in the first three years of life. It leads to impaired language, cognitive, social and adaptive functioning, causing children to fall farther and farther behind their peers as they grow older. Autistic children generally do not learn in the same way that children normally learn. They seem not to understand simple verbal and nonverbal communication, are confused by sensory input, and withdraw in varying degrees from people and the world around them. They may become preoccupied with certain objects and idiosyncratic behaviors, and this interferes with the development of normal play and learning. They show little interest in other children and tend not to learn by imitating others as typical children do. Without treatment, most autistic children will not achieve normal functioning and will remain dependent upon others for care their whole lives.

Appropriate treatment should be tailored to each child individually. It is easier to make the right choices for a child when the parents have as much necessary information as possible regarding the treatment options available and their meanings for their child.


TOMI Information Center


The information center consists of material about Autism, PDD and related subjects.



TOMI Treatment Center


For parents who are interested in behavioral modification treatment methods for their child, the TOMI center offers an extensive program that is custom tailored for each individual child. The program is provided at the child’s home, and is based upon the concept of “one to one” therapy. The goal of the program is to teach and build skills that are lacking, decrease and eliminate unwanted behaviors and to teach the child how to learn and to open the child up to his surroundings. The treatment emphasizes reinforcing positive behaviors and teaching all of the necessary skills that the child is lacking in. This objective is achieved by separating each skill into small parts that are easier for the child to learn. Every child is helped by a team of therapists. The team is trained, managed and supervised on a regular basis by the program supervisor. The role of the parents in the success of the program is a very important one. They are the ones who spend most of the day with the child and know him or her the very best. Their involvement is essential.